CJ Cregg (ucbfeminista) wrote,
CJ Cregg

Spin Cycle's changing time slots. Or, rather, adding them. MSNBC pulled another show that was doing terribly and decided to fill in with, well, us, and God forbid they air a rerun. Mondays and Fridays used to be light days for me. Not so much anymore. If the idea didn't have Miles so absolutely tickled, I'd have said no.

Well, that, and with the added shows means having enough time left in the season to have candidates on for guest spots. I've been wanting to rip into a few people for quite a while now. Ironically, the ones I'm most excited about giving a hard time to are the Democrats. Press secretaries should be afraid.

I met Miles for breakfast this morning, and he's utterly giddy. He's apparently, been wanting to go after a specific Republican since the guy announced his candidacy. For the sake of my dear co-anchor's reputation, I'm not naming names. It's kind of cute to watch a grown man literally bouncing up and down in excitement. Honestly, I'm pretty damn happy with it myself, and if I hadn't gained 30 pounds in the last nine months, I might have been bouncing as well. I did not bounce, however. I'm relatively certain that bouncing would have done major structural damage to my chair.

We got the final word yesterday and Tim, on hearing that his poor, pregnant, over-tired-as-is sister's workload just tripled announced that he's not going home until the baby's born. When I got back from breakfast this morning he was scrubbing my bathtub and blasting Madonna's new CD so loudly the first thing I had to deal with was the neighbor knocking on the door to complain. I didn't even know Madonna had a new CD out. Tim seemed to be genuinely shocked and offended by this information, until my neighbor knocked on the door and asked if we'd mind turning it down. Tim found all of this absolutely hysterical and is still giggling. I'll take the wrath of the neighbors to see Tim smile like that. That, and I'm not about to complain about having acquired a live-in maid.

And wow, it's always rather odd to see your husband on television when you weren't expecting it. CNN just played back a clip from a thing, and God, Sam, I love you dearly but you need to eat. Also do something with your hair.
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