CJ Cregg (ucbfeminista) wrote,
CJ Cregg

If the White House Press Briefing room was half as organized as the press room backstage at the Oscar's appears to have been, I'd have never left. It's moderated. Reporters are assigned numbers and speak in turn. Reporters let their subject speak uninterrupted. Danny, why weren't you and the rest of the wolves so well behaved?

In case anyone missed my husband's (hopefully brief) journey into poetry, he pretty much wiped the floor with the rest of California's democratic gubernatorial hopefuls Friday night. I'm unbelievably proud of him, unbelievably nervous about the actual, you know, election. I'm more exhausted after the last few days of this campaign than I am after a week of my actual job. I'm not quite sure how Sam's kept it up this long.

I imagine it doesn't help that I've been up at 4:00 every morning on the phone with my office. To hear my co-anchor Miles talk, you'd think there was a big primary day coming up. You know, one of those things I'm supposed to sound informed about when I speak live on national television, broadcasting from a studio and supported by staff about 3,000 miles away from my current location. He's not a bad guy, Miles. For a Republican.

Wednesday can't come soon enough.
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